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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sexiness is Relative

Yes, Yes, Yes, YES!!! Italy wins the World Cup!!! The Azzuri have finally done it!! Thank you God… I was rooting for them through the cup,… My picks were Italy, Argentina and Spain… And unfortunately Argentina disappointed me once again…. But the Italians came through!!

The game was a fun one to watch, and I am wonderfully, deeply in love with the Italian goalkeeper. 'Magic hands' is right. Throw in a pair of gorgeous eyes and you have one seriously love-struck child over heah… He can’t take a penalty worth a damn, but the other saves were too beautiful to be true…

I’ve been suffering pangs of heartache over the Serie A scandal, for the Italian and Spanish leagues are a hell of a lot of fun to watch… More drama and Oscar-winning antics in the first half than a full season of Mis Tres Hermanas.. But the play is so fluid that it’s a delight to see… In the Finals, France’s defence was cool. Truly what everyone refers to as a ‘white-wall’… But Italy’s defence was just amazing… I have never claimed to be a football pundit, I don’t watch half enough games to know the slightest bit of Jack… But they were beautiful. The way they were playing with that ball, passing it back and forth with so much precision… Ooh man..

Now I come to the point of this post.

Sexiness is definitely relative for me.

I have never found a man to be so sexy as when he is doing something. I fell for the goalkeeper from the first of his spectacular saves. My slight admiration for one of my seniors turned into a full-blown crush the moment I saw him on the basketball court. V for Vendetta star Hugo Weaving had me melting from the moment he opened his mouth and delivered a speech so smoothly I think my brain froze from the eloquence of the moment. (And I’ve seen the guys face… Elrond does nothing for me… but if V had asked me politely to give him all my David Eddings books.. ‘Here you go...Enjoy the read!!’)

Point is… men are abso-fucking-lutely sexay when they do something, anything, with their own, unique style…..

I’d never seen or heard Yongfook when I began reading his blog. If you’d asked me what I thought of him after a couple of entries, his humour and sarcasm automatically classified him as sexy. I was never so completely amazed by one of my guy friends, than when we had a verbal slanging match for over two hours that eventually deteriorated into a full-blown snark war.

Go ahead and ask me what I think is sexy… I’ll never be able to tell you…

“ I ain’t shooting nobody! Call me a faggot… When the war’s over I’ll be the faggot with two legs…” ~ Chris Rock


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