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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Perfect man for meeeee......

The tagged victim must come out with 8 different descriptions of their perfect lover and must mention their gender.

MALE (I may check out chicks, but nope, not gonna happen.)

Hindu, Buddhist, or free-thinker.
Sorry, but that's about as far as I'll go.

MUST be able to talk cock.
I mean this in no erotic way, but a non-talk-cocker will NOT be able to fit in among my friends and I. Therefore, the ability to be able ot shoot the breeze for hours on end is a definite must.

Share my views on kids, namely, the fact that they are unnecessary.
If he wants to spread his genes, thank you very much, don't let the door hit yo' ass on the way out.

Shares my views on most major issues, and is able to defend capably on issues that we DO disagree on.
Have I mentioned that fun arguments are also considered foreplay? Plus, think about it. I'm able to compromise if he doesn't think jeans are daily-wear, but what if he starts babbling about heaven and hell? What if, (SHOCK. GASP.HORROR.) he Doesn't like animals????!!!! Again, watch out for that door.

Loves reading, but doesn't think it compulsory to read intellectual books.
Anyone who is elitist about books and music is NOT in my list.

Patient, and enough stubborness to battle my own, but not enough that we'll be at logger-heads all the time.
To enable a man to put up with me and my insanity, the poor fellow had better be patient, just to keep him firmly on his rocker.

Knows his priorities, and is reasonably neat.
(TWO procrastinating slobs in one place would not be healthy)

Loves me.


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