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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Reposting something I wrote yonks ago, when I first watched Pirates of the Carribean I and 2003. SO long ago! Observe, how my writing style has changed but not my OBSESSION for Jack Sparrow ^_^

Friday, September 19, 2003

Hah.. No angst today,... had a happy one.. went out.. caught a movie ("Pirates of de Carribean) ... Johnny Depp! *swoons* sigh... people think I'm strange... how can you be obsessed with him? Well,.. it IS strange.. in a way.. I'm actually obsessed with three different Johnny Depps...

The first Johnny Depp is Johnny the family man.. and I feel no attraction to him in "that" way whatsoever... call me cracked but to me this is the aspect of Johnny Depp that I associate with having a family.. a wife and kids... and I feel just Wrong liking him in any other way than sheer admiration for the way him and his family interact in public so happily... I saw a pic of him with what I assume was his daughter,.. and I just melted.. they looked so wonderful together... coming from a family that is not too happy.. (understatement of the year) it really gives me the warm fuzzies to see how devoted he is... Even if it's just a facade designed for the camera... I love seeing it.. How could I be attracted to him in this aspect in any other way than just admiration? that would be just sick!

The second Johnny Depp is what I call the 'actor' Johnny Depp... This is the Johnny Depp you see in magazines and movies and who is generally public property. Because I am female and cannot deny the fact that he is seriously hot... This is the side I can swoon over perfectly legitimately... This is the side of him where i can see that *too hot* smile and bod and just go ~ge-de-bup~ (In case you were wondering, that was the sound of me hitting the floor...) Augh.. hot, hot, hot... Sideways smiles just DO something for me.. i must state that at no moment do I actually 'like' him as a person.. as I don't know what the hell he's like... I just think that for a forty year old he's got no right to be looking so damn fine.... In essence i just think he's hot.. period. Don't even get me started on him with long hair ~ge-de-bup~ *picks herself up off floor ten minutes later wondering how the hell she got there*

The third Johnny Depp is,.. of course, Captain Jack Sparrow... ~Ker-Splash~ (that would have been the sound of me melting into a puddle of ... well would the right word be obsession?) This Johnny Depp is the safest as he's a character in a movie.. throw in that grin,.. a voice that is sexy as sin,... skills with a sword,... and a lust for freedom that almost matches my own,... What's NOT to like? honestly I am abso-fuckin-lutely obsessed with this character as I KNOW he's fictional and as such can transport him into my own world without any trouble at all... He's got the humour, the body,... and ~Ker-Splash~ Sorry.. little obsession moment there...

So you see.. these are the three Johnny Depp's I like,.. all with varying degrees and types of emotions.. Hell, actualy there's two Johnny Depp's and one character I feel no qualms about going absolutely ga-ga as he is completely imaginary and therefore... safe... Wonderful world.. innit?


Blogger EH said...

Hmmm... Jonny boy as Edward Scissorhands... as Willy Wonka...

Hmm... ah, I like him as JM Barrie of Finding Neverland.

4:36 AM  

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