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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Haro peepurs...

Nyahahahahahahahahahaha... That's about it for coherent thought on this post actually. No concepts or new styles. o[>_<]o I really don't know why. On the bright side, Our College Ball was yesterday, and I saw the power and beauty of giving everyone consistently low expectations shine forth brightly. ^_^

Translation: Everyone expected me to show up in jeans and a t-shirt, considering that
i actually did that for my college's other formal function,Annual night.

So when I do show up in a simple embroidered kurta, everyone's like "ohmigod" and "Wow, you should dress up more often!" Meh, just too easy ^_^ Granted, everyone was most sweet in pushing me to wear a sari/dress/lengga/any damn fool thing with a skirt... buuuut I just felt that I'd rather wear something I was comfy wearing and wouldn't feel like a dressed up blimp in. Plus, I could dance in the kurta, so clubbing after that was fun ;)

[For ze curious, pics are up on my Friendster]

What's been up this week?

I'm in my Obstetrics and Paediatrics posting right now, which mean that I deal primarily with two things... Pregnant women and children, two of mah absolute favorite things. [sorry, sarcasm doesn't really come off well in print]

I held a baby for the foist toime last week, and no, my heart didn't suddenly burst forth with a gush of love and maternal feelings. what it did do was go into overdrive at the sound of my brain screaming

"For the love of GOD you Idiot, DON'T DROP THE DAMN THING!!!!!"

I don't think the mom would have been too happy to hear me call it that, but I'm sure she'll be comforted by the thought that her kids' safety was uppermost in my mind ^_^

Life goes on, as usual... nothing new to report this week, and I'll end this rambling post by saying that if anything happens, you guys'll be the first to know ^_^ Ta!


Blogger Christine said...

Hi Nish :)
I didn't check your blog for awhile because you are a lousy updater! Glad to see some new posts here though.

I didn't see The Canterbury Tales animatronics thingie when I was there in Canterbury, because it was 7 pounds and seemed cheesy. Studying The Knight's Tale in class was better!

7:22 AM  

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