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No I don't speak latin, but as a frazzled, hassled, *slacking* med student, what comes out of my mouth sounds like Greek sometimes. Currently based nine months out of 10 in India, which would be WHY I need this blog, so yeah... *wanders off with Netters in one hand and Chaurasia in the other*

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I had the urge to do this so that one post on my blog would be dates 07/07/07... Sad, but ohsoneverso true... I've been feeling out new styles of writing, as evidenced by the last few posts, but I haven't been getting anywhere.. I need practice. Hmm... *walks off to count clouds*

The past two months, or maybe three, have been momentous ones. *ooh, momentous, love that word* Since I began clinics here in Manipal, so many things have happened.

In the past two months I have...

made friends, argued about penises in a crowded restaurant (It's ALL muscle! It is NOT!), learned about recreational drugs, politely refused recreational drugs, learned how to stop at three shots, discovered that i am abso-fucking-lutely useless at cards, filled up a restaurant with noise, learnt that although I can and have discussed faecal matter over dinner there is and always will be a limit, fallen in crush, fallen out of crush, appreciated ass, examined patients, been yelled at in public, escaped from said yelling by crying, tied friendship bands, wound fluff balls, watched porn, laughed my ass of at porn, sat through a psychiatrist session, reaffirmed my interst in psychiatry, written out plots for over 20 one-shots, fallen into FF7 fandom, crushed madly on Johnny Depp (Johnny, Johnny!), crushed Insanely on Jack Sparrow (Sparrow, Sparrow!!!!!), assessed my level of self-confidence [current status : Nil], vaccinated a baby, organised a day out at Asha Nilaya, gotten angry, Cried, barked (yes, I did say bark and yes, I am willing to demonstrate), clubbed at Goa, witnessed a couple getting together, witnessed a couple break up, played pool, flirted (badly, but I'm a beginner) fallen in love, remained stubbornly stuck in love, managed to yank myself out of love, fallen over, assisted in obstruction of justice, aided and abetted a fight, laughed till I cried, Lived....

~"I don't think I can suvive many more visits from old friends"
Captain Jack Sparrow


Blogger michng said...

nishhhhH!! i'm falling out of the blogging scene... looks like u've had a very er, colourful 2 mths =P i'm currently on holiday, but interning at an ad agency. enter the working world. heheh =P quite fun, love this industry.

11:02 AM  
Blogger Davinia said...

And here I thought you were supposed to be studying... Silly me!

3:55 AM  
Blogger EH said...

Psychiatry? *vomit vomit, cough cough* Eww... I'm still feeling nauseatic from handling mental health patients.

So what do you think Jack Sparrow has? Schizophrenia? More like narcissistic personality disorder, haha.

4:34 AM  
Blogger michng said...

aku belum mati... hehe life in the agency is... interesting! people are not the nice-nice ppl we grew up surrounded with, but many are living for their own interests, and would do what it takes to get them where they wanna go. but then, there are the gems out there as well who are willing to share their experience with you and do their best to help you. basically a taste of the 'real world' la =P

11:27 AM  
Blogger sean said...

nish dearie! when o when will you be back? I'm done with my studies, btw. Haha.. ok. no gloating. Muahahahaha...

7:27 AM  

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