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No I don't speak latin, but as a frazzled, hassled, *slacking* med student, what comes out of my mouth sounds like Greek sometimes. Currently based nine months out of 10 in India, which would be WHY I need this blog, so yeah... *wanders off with Netters in one hand and Chaurasia in the other*

Sunday, January 28, 2007



happy fucking new year. What the heck??!?! Unis are ridiculous man. If i cram and pass, I'm gonna feel like an idiot. If I fail, I'm even more of an idiot... And in other aspects... Let's just say that sometimes... most times, actually, being the bigger person frankly sucks. so much easier to be bitchy, but nooooo... do i do that, noooo... I'm fake nice.

Dear God,

How exactly does karma work? Could I have a point system or something? How does 'bitch-fest' rate next to 'patently fake'?

Much love,

Nisha there's a bitch~

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Did I miss out by not going to England? Did I lose something that would have been grand and beautiful and altogether life-changing by going to India instead?


I did.

And it pretty much hurts.

Me coming to India initially seemed like a blessing in disguise, as I’d have floundered in the Western system of foreign concepts to me like ‘work’, ‘understanding’ and ‘mugging is bad for you yes it is’…. But I think I needed to flounder. I’m in a course where my current study habits of “Oh-my-Lord-God-it’s-three-in-the-fucking-morning-and-the-exam’s-at-eight” are not really the kind of things one needs to get through well,…. But I’m in a place where they work.

And that doesn’t bode too well for the future.

Plus… Plus… I want to be somewhere ELSE. Somewhere far, far away from here. Anywhere but here. Thank goodness I went to China over the hols. That one week now seems so far away,… But my memories have carried me through a lot of difficult times over the past year.

Beauty is the salve of ones’ soul. The place, the atmosphere, the vibes.. it was so beautiful and new and clear and free and….. Good lord I was just AWAY……. I remember seeing clear water and blue skies and that pulls me through the day. I remember touching stone that felt like cold steel even as the sun baked the air around me and I smile. I remember… I remember feeling full. So full.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Bow to me...

Ah, who knew? (^.^)v